ORB Wallets

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Hard fork coming !

(block #2 million, ETA 27-Sep-2016)
Please update your clients to v1.6.0.0 in time!
The Orbitcoin wallet is a computer program available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X that will act as your personal bank. It will hold your accounts, will be used to send and receive your coins and will generate interests on your holdings.
The firsts steps are to download, install and launch the Orbitcoin wallet on your computer.
To install the Orbitcoin wallet, click on the links below depending on which type of operating system you are using :
You will need at least 1 Go of available disk space to use the wallet. It is recommended to install the wallet on your computer in a commonly used directory such as C:\Program Files on Windows or the Applications folder on MacOS X. This is handy in case you migrate your files to a new computer, for example.
Attention : it is important to keep your wallet updated to the latest version available.
Using an outdated software wallet might prevent it from working normally. This might require to download and install a newer version from time to time. The latest version available is, older versions will not work.
For advanced users, here is the block chain data for a faster deployment :
  • data.7z (832166 blocks, Windows only, 322Mb)
    md5sum (data.7z) = 4d3741b01d6609bf8f8a4b4fe36e863a
  • .orbitcoin.tar.xz (1205757 blocks, Linux only, 521Mb)
    md5sum (.orbitcoin.tar.xz) = d4635ab1de4e0d8be6cbad158ee19861[/size]
Source Code
You can find the ORB wallet source code on GitHub, here :