Our team

Meet the team !

The Orbitcoin is not controlled by any form of authority nor organization. It is developped and promoted by a group of independant individuals. Among them :


TheRedMistJonathan Weston, aka TheRedMist 
Orbitcoin founder - Public relations
World traveller who invested the cryptocurrency industry and other trading options, Johnathan runs the @Orbitcoin twitter and actively promotes the ORB society.



GhostlanderJohn Doering, aka Ghostlander
(Northern Europe)
Lead developer
Long time crypto enthusiast, creator of the NeoScrypt algorithm, talented and visionary, John joined the Orbitcoin development team in february 2014 and became the coin's lead developper. He is also involved in other cryptocurrencies projects, such as Feathercoin, Phoenixcoin and Halcyon.



ORBitcoinLoveMario, aka ORBitcoinLove
Market analyst - Public relations
Sales manager and hobby trader from Berlin, Mario has been supporting the Orbitcoin from the start. His market analysis helps the Orbitcoin community to have a clearer overview of the ORB trading activity.



Dave@DNB.ioDavid N. Brett, aka DNBpools.io
Pool operator - Public relations
Creative swiss knife with a strong DIY culture, David first supported the Orbitcoin project by building and running a dedicated ORB mining pool. In charge of this website, he is now also involved in the Orbitcoin promotion. 
TvZTon van Zetten, aka TvZ
Orbitcoin supporter
Not an official Orbitcoin team member but a big Orbitcoin supporter since early 2014. Active at the forum and trying to give (new) Orbitcoin community members some support if needed.